Things You Should Never, Ever Wear During Your Workout

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The “Dress for success” rule surprisingly applies to the gym as well, since picking wrong attire can ruin your workout. There are certain items of clothing you should avoid wearing at all costs – including these four.


Cotton may be super-comfortable, but it will also absorb every ounce of sweat during your workout and that’s why you should skip clothes that are fully made out of this fabric.  

Heavy Makeup

Wearing makeup at the gym can lead to breakouts and irritations, because dirt and oil end up building on your skin when you sweat heavily.

Old Shoes

Hitting the gym in your favorite worn-out sneakers isn’t the best idea. Your feet and knee will end up hurting even more than usual if they don’t have proper support, so it’s best to replace your gym shoes after a while.


There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look nice during your workout, but you can pull this off without wearing jewelry. It will just get in the way and possibly get damaged, so it’s best to leave it at locker room.

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