New Instagram Trend: Morocco-Inspired Interiors

Exotic countries have always been a great source of inspiration when it comes to interior design.

Recently, we started noticing a new trend on Instagram – Morocco-inspired home decor. We can’t stop looking at the photos on Instagram page Loom + Lantern run by young Kelley in collaboration with Mustapha, a weaver from Morocco.

“Kelley and Mustapha formed a partnership based on their passion for the art of Moroccan textile traditions,” their website reads. “They both adore and respect the culture and they hope to help bring this same appreciation into your homes. Mustapha resides in Morocco and Kelley in the USA. Together they are able to bring to you the most authentic and sought after pieces.”

On their Instagram page, you will find amazing interior design inspiration but you can also purchase their designs. Moroccan style is distinct and unique and complements most modern homes. If you’re tired of minimalistic design and white aesthetic, this may be the perfect way to update your home this spring.