Once You Try These Homemade Tortillas You’ll Never Go Back

These homemade tortillas are the best thing you will ever make. Aside from the regular taco night, they are so good to have with literally anything you can think of.


The ingredients you need are 1 cup warm water, 3 cups all-purpose flour, 1/3 cup vegetable oil, 1 teaspoon salt, 1 teaspoon baking soda.

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Combine the flour, baking powder, and salt in a bowl. Mix them with a stand mixer for 30 seconds on the low speed. All ingredients should form an even consistency.

Turn the speed up to medium. Pour the warm water and the vegetable oil as well. You should keep on mixing until the ingredients form a dough. Once it’s done, transfer it to the spot in the kitchen where you’ll be making the tortillas.

This recipe is meant for 12 to 14 homemade tortillas, which means you should divide the dough into that many parts. Form each piece into a round flat tortilla. Place a towel over them and wait for 15 minutes.

Grab a pan and set the heat to medium-high. Use extra flour on both sides of the dough. Cook each one for 1 minute per side. Once you notice bubbles appearing on the surface, that’s a sign that you should flip them.

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After 20 years of making what I thought were the absolute best homemade tortillas, this all-butter recipe made me realize that sometimes good things can get even better. Let me explain… . In March of 2017, I published the homemade tortilla recipe I’d been making for at least 20 years. It called for using corn oil and it was really super good. . However, I recently purchased Nopalito, an incredible Mexican food cookbook from Gonzalo Guzman, head chef at the San Francisco restaurant of the same name – @nopalitosf Gonzalo makes his homemade flour tortillas with butter. . I’d been using corn oil for decades because a sweet little Mexican grandmother told me to. She wasn’t wrong. Flour tortillas made with corn oil are delicious. But, using butter makes them EVEN BETTER. Not just a little bit better. A LOT better. Markedly so. Noticeably so. . So. This simple pleasure – soft, warm, homemade flour tortillas – that was already one of the best things in the whole wide world just got even better. Life is good. . {Get the all-butter Homemade Flour Tortilla recipe by clicking on the link in my profile.} . . . @guzmangonzalogonzalez #mexicankitchen #homemadetortillas #tortillas #flourtortillas #slowfood #homemadeisbetter #ofbatteranddough #f52grams #huffposttaste #foodandwine #thekitchn #buzzfeedfood #eeeeeats #feedfeed #tastespotting #dailymeal #buzzfeast #bhgfood #foodgawker #forkfeed #yahoofood #goodmoodfood #mexicanfood #alittleandalot #denverfoodphotographer @bloombergpursuits #todayfood #f52bakingclub #bakinglife @thefeedfeed @huffposttaste #wsbakeclub

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