Here’s Why You Should Avoid Renting Hotels on the Outskirts

Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash

Renting a room on the outskirts of a city is a very popular choice with tourists who are trying to save some money. Unfortunately, this option comes with many disadvantages you should keep in mind before giving it a go.

Money Saver?

Outskirts hotels are popular option because they’re cheaper… Or are they? Since you’ll be far away from everything, you’ll have to pay for public transportation every day – maybe even a taxi or an Uber if you’re coming back late at night. Once you put it all down on paper, you might come to conclusion it wasn’t worth it after all.

Waste of Time

If your trip is extremely short, you won’t get to see everything you want to see if you’re stuck inside the metro half of the time. Pick a hotel that’s in close proximity to the majority of the places you want to see to save time.

City Vibes

If you want to fully experience the city and start feeling like a local, being near the hub is always a better option. Just imagine waking up to a beautiful view of world’s biggest capitals and having a feeling you’re at home!