Padma Lakshmi Has Been Cooking up a Storm in Quarantine

We all have different ways to pass the time and cope in quarantine, and it’s not all that surprising which activity Padma Lakshmi opted for. The television host is constantly getting creative in the kitchen and sharing amazing cooking clips with her followers on Instagram.

Lakshmi spent over a decade hosting the competition show Top Chef, and even wrote three cookbooks and launched her own line of kitchenware along the way.

Lakshmi has really been cooking up a storm in the last few weeks, and we watched her make everything from lemon rice and shrimp to Chipotle chicken and traditional Indian foods. She’s been sharing amazing recipes almost every day, and the best part of the whole thing is that her daughter often joins her cooking adventures.

The Top Chef host isn’t the only celeb sharing recipes from quarantine right now, but she’s the most consistent and the biggest pro, so make sure to check out some of her best clips if you’re in the mood to get creative in the kitchen.