Easy Workouts You Can Do Even When You’re Under the Weather

Woman working out at home
It’s pretty difficult to stay true to your fitness routine when you catch yourself feeling under the weather. If you don’t want a cold to stop you from exercising, here’s a couple of easy workouts that you can do under these circumstances. Training at Home We...

Shaved Heads Are the Most Unexpected Summer Hair Trend

Jordan Alexander at HBOmax's "Gossip Girl" Red Carpet Premiere in June.
Buzzcuts are one of the most liberating and rebellious hairstyles you could possibly opt for, and many of our favorite celebrities seem to agree. Shaved heads are taking Hollywood by storm, and these stars transformed this edgy hairstyle into one of the summer’s buzziest trends. Jordan Alexander

Try These Easy Cleaning Hacks and You Won’t Regret It

A lot of people look forward to spring time and do a nice deep cleaning in order to prepare for the new season. But what about the rest of the year? On top of doing the dishes, laundry, and basic cleaning around the house, it seems that deep cleaning is such an...

These Summer Foods are Trending on TikTok

TikTok is the place to stay up to date on the latest food trends and there are some good ones to try this summer. While some are takes on classics, others are out-of-the-box, and you have to try them before the season's over. These four summer foods are as refreshing as they...

Yellow Dresses Brought Some Sunshine to the Red Carpet at Cannes

Farhana Bodi wearing Atelier Zuhra at the opening ceremony, 2021 Cannes Film Festival.
There’s something truly irresistible about the color yellow, and this year’s Cannes Film Festival cemented its status as the trendiest color of the summer. Several stars attending this event hit the red carpet in vibrant yellow dresses, and these five were leading the way. Helen Mirren