Celebrity Home Collections are Taking Etsy By Storm

Etsy is one of the main resources that many people use for home décor information, and it turns out that the rich and famous are no different. Celebrity home collections are thriving on this e-commerce website, and we got two new ones this month alone! Tia Mowry

Lirika Matoshi Will Make You Fall in Love With Strawberry Designs

It’s a true rarity for a single fashion item to inspire memes, fan art, and DIY tutorials, but that’s exactly what Lirika Matoshi’s strawberry dress managed to do this summer. It’s one dress we’ll all still remember once 2020 is over, but it turns out Matoshi has many more strawberry designs in...

3 Hit Summer Hairstyles You Can Easily Make On Your Own

If you can’t remember the last time you went to a hair salon, you’re not the only one, but that shouldn’t stop you from having an amazing hairstyle. We’re bringing you some of the summer’s most popular hair trends that you can recreate with ease. Heatless Curls

Music Videos Sparked New Beauty and Fashion Trends This Summer

Fashion and beauty trends sometimes come from pretty unexpected places. Music videos of our favorite artists gave us a couple of pretty amazing style ideas this summer, and here’s a few everyone wanted to try. White Eyeliner White eyeliner was a huge hit after Euphoria came...

These 3 Fitness Trends are Booming in the Post-Lockdown World

Lockdowns and social distancing measures significantly changed the way we approach fitness in the last few months. Gyms are reopening again, but they no longer look the way we remember them, and these three new trends are here to stay. Socially Distant Workouts Traditional gyms had...