Choose a White Sweater for This Kind of Weather

The sweater is probably the most worn fashion piece of the fall. It keeps you warm and it fits well with jeans, skirts, and any footwear. You can mostly see darker shades on the streets once cold days start approaching, but go for it and bring some joy to your wardrobe this...

Fiery Embers: Celebrity Redheads To Inspire Your Fall Hair Transition

Fall marks a period of transition. The leaves started to change, the evenings get darker, and the weather gets cooler. It's the perfect time to switch up your look and try new hair color. Here's all the celebrity red hair inspo you need. Amy Adams

Sheer Perfection: These Celebrities Prove How Classy See-Through Fashion Can Be

At some point last year, sheer dresses crept into fashion. The trend made its way onto the wedding dress scene and this year, it's been all over the red carpet. If you are still not convinced that see-through can be classy, here's all the proof you need. Zendaya

This Fall, Celebrities Are Wearing Black and White Combos

Black and white is one of the safest color combinations, but that doesn’t make it any less exciting. Some of our favorite stars have proven it can look pretty refreshing, and here’s a couple of looks that we adore. Kerry Washington Washington turned the tuxedo trend on its head...

Why You Need to Defrost Your Freezer

No matter what, you really need to defrost your freezer when the ice inside of it becomes 1/4 of an inch thick. At this point, your freezer has so much ice built up that there will not only be less room for your food, but your freezer won't be working as well...