Pearl Necklaces are Back in Style—Thanks to Harry Styles

Harry Styles established himself as a true fashion trailblazer in the last couple of years, and he’s constantly finding ways to push boundaries. One timeless jewelry piece recently became an essential part of his wardrobe, and he’s been spotted rocking it everywhere he goes.

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If you’re a true Harry Styles fan, you already know that we’re talking about pearl necklaces, since it seems like he can’t even leave his home without one. He’s been spotted pairing off a tiny string of pearls with all sorts of different outfits and made it work every time.

Pearls have been seen as somewhat of a bourgeois item for many centuries, but Styles is completely redefining what they mean, and wearing them any way he pleases. He’s making them casual and cool by combining them with t-shirts, sweaters, cardigans, and everything else in between.

This is just another example of Styles’ signature gender-fluid style, that’s constantly evolving. He’s one of the male celebrities who are throwing fashion rules out of the window, creating new ones, and making an impression with each red carpet appearance by thinking outside the box.