Pick of the Week: Kat Maconie’s Gorgeous Vibrant Shoes

Kat Maconie is a British brand that we’re anticipating will hit everyone’s radars pretty soon. Kat creates bold and exciting footwear that adds a vibrant twist to any outfit.

Here are some of the pieces we adore.

These Kiwi Inspired Heels

These bold heels remind us of the visually aesthetic kiwi fruit. The circular, colorful patterns are wonderfully unique and we love the chunky shape of the heel.

These Black and Gold Bangers

These black and gold heels are beautifully bold but also are extremely elegant.

These Colorful Sandals

Finding the perfect pair of sandals is hard work. The ones that fit well rarely look good and the ones that look good tend to be way too uncomfortable to justify buying them. But this pair tick all our boxes.

These Satin Stilletos

These stilettos are ultra feminine and scream “I’m a boss lady.” We want.

These Floral Bangers

And if you want something even more extra, these huge heels are absolute winners. The yellow floral embellishment is a great finishing touch.