Pickle Pizza: New Food Trend That No One Saw Coming

Just when we finally stopped arguing if pineapples belong on a pizza, the internet gave us an equally divisive new trend. Pickle pizza is taking the world by storm, and we’re still trying to figure out if it makes sense.

The internet went crazy after QC Pizza, a pizzeria from Mahtomedia, Minnesota, shared a video of their signature “Big Dill” pizza. It was inspired by a local specialty “Minnesota Sushi”, which basically consists of ham and cheese wrapped around a pickle.

This may seem like a delicious snack in Minnesota, but the rest of the world was puzzled after learning something like this actually exists. Pickle pizza sparked a debate online, but some foodies are still willing to give it a try.

Even if you can’t make your way to Minnesota, you can easily find dozens of tutorials online or get creative on your own. Some of the people who tried it actually swear by it, but you can’t know how it tastes before giving it a go.