Pineapple Pulling is Taking Twitter By Storm… But Does it Actually Work?

Photo by Pineapple Supply Co. on Unsplash

Social media gave us several crazy food hacks he could live without, and pineapple pulling is the latest to blow everyone’s mind. One of the videos demonstrating the Peel and Eat” technique quickly went viral, but is it really that effective?

This “easy” way of eating pineapples was around for a while, but all hell broke loose after Game Of Thrones actress Lena Headey shared it with 1.8 million of her followers on Instagram. Instead of slicing off the ends of the fruit and cutting the rest, this method suggests you should tear bite-sized portions right from the pineapple’s tough core.

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Original video posted by Twitter user Dennis Naghizadeh almost has 20 million views, and reactions are truly priceless. Those who tried to copy “Peel and Eat” technique quickly realized it’s much messier than it looks, and not really that easy.

As it turns out, pineapple pulling only works if your fruit is ripe enough. Many of those who tried this viral hack just made a huge mess because most pineapples are too hard and dense to pull – so maybe we haven’t been eating them all wrong, after all.