This Pink Lake is One of Australia’s Most Surreal Natural Wonders

Australia is the home to countless natural wonders that can’t be found anywhere else in the world, including Lake Hillier. This tourist attraction has captivated everyone who had a chance to see it with its unique rosy shade.

Spotting this bubblegum-pink formation surrounded by the deepest blue ocean is a true visual feast, but getting there is no easy feat. Lake Hillier is located on the edge of Middle Island, and it can be accessed only if you book a helicopter flight or a private tour.

The lake was first discovered in 1802, but there’s still mystery surrounding its unique shade. Scientists first believed that the lake owes its pink color to an extremely high level of salinity, but there’s no definitive proof to this theory.

Lake Hillier is safe to swim in, but it’s not very common to see someone doing so. Most tourists only get to appreciate it from the air, instead of reaching its grounds – but it’s still a unique natural marvel and one of its kind.