Pinterest Predicts Home Décor Trends for Summer 2024

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Photo by Stephen Phillips - Hostreviews on Unsplash

Pinterest never fails us when it comes to predicting new trends that each new season has in store, and their summer forecast is finally here. When it comes to new home décor trends, dopamine décor will be going stronger than ever, along with Nancy Meyers-core and eclectic vintage vibes.

Dopamine décor has been going strong on Pinterest for quite some time, and it experienced a 290% increase in searches ahead of summer, as more people try to put a vibrant twist on their homes.

“Gone are the days of bland and generic beige interiors. People are yearning for spaces that burst with color, comfort and character, reflecting their individual personalities and creating a welcoming sanctuary that feels uniquely their own,” reads Pinterest’s press release.

Pinterest also shared a list of some of the most popular searches connected to this trend, including pastel desks, color drenching, fairycore bedrooms, and grandma core bedrooms.

Nancy Meyers-core is also having a moment, and it’s all about infusing warmth and sophistication into every space to recreate the timeless elegance of Nancy Meyers’s classic films, such as The Holiday and Something’s Gotta Give.

This trendy aesthetic is also connected to eclectic vintage décor, which will bring a sense of nostalgia and charm into your home. Tea sets, walls decorated with vintage plates, and retro dinnerware emerged as some of the most popular searches under this category.