Pros and Cons of Making a Bucket List

Bucket List
Photo by Glenn Carstens Peters on Unsplash

Making a bucket list is something that many people do. The idea is to compile a list of goals and activities that you want to achieve, sometimes by a certain point in time or simply just within your lifetime. Many people find it a helpful concept, while others may not be that keen on the idea. There are good and bad sides to creating this list, so here are some to keep in mind.

Pro – It’s a Good Way to Identify Important Things for Yourself

The actual act of creating the bucket list can be really helpful to outline some important areas in life for you. For example, if a lot of your list items focus on travel goals then it helps you to realize this is an important thing to you. 

Con – It Can Narrow Your Focus Too Much

While it’s nice to know areas in life that are significant to you, there’s a danger that you’ll only strive for those and may miss out on exciting alternatives throughout life.

Pro – It Gives You Goals to Work Towards

There’s plenty of evidence to suggest that having specific goals to work towards helps keep us motivated. Having some important life goals identified in a list can help you to stay on track.

Con – It Can Lead to Feelings of Guilt

Life is complicated and there are many reasons why bucket list goals might not be reached. If this list is something you created for yourself then not meeting these goals can feel sad and inspire feelings of guilt and failure.