Safe Tips For Cleaning Granite Countertops

Each time you clean granite countertops you’re probably wondering if you’re doing it right. That’s mostly because we don’t completely understand how to take care of different materials. In order to protect this expensive natural stone, you can read the tips below.

Always Wipe Them Down

After cleaning your countertops, make sure that you always wipe them down with a dry cloth. They have to be completely dry so that you avoid any possible damage.

Don’t Ever Use Vinegar

Vinegar is definitely the ingredient you have to stay away from when you clean granite countertops. It can be very damaging for natural stones such as this one. Its acidity is the main concern, not only with vinegar but also with all other similar cleaners.

Forget About Scrubbing

Every single cleaning product that contains scrubbing chemicals, or actually any type of harsh chemicals is not meant for these countertops. Also, strong motions are not recommended. There is a sealant on the surface that protects the material, so if you scrub hard you can remove it.

Try DIY Products

The best way to know that you’ll clean granite countertops safely is that you prepare your own products at home. Use a very gentle soap and microfiber cloths. You don’t need anything else.