Sand Hair is the New Balayage for 2019

The seasonal changes are the perfect time to change something about our appearance, and doing something different with hair is everyone’s first choice. While balayage is still the most popular technique, be brave and try a new trend that we will see everywhere this spring and summer.

Sand hair is actually a type of balayage. It was defined by Christine McMillen, the founder of the New York salon Love, Dunette. She published a photo of the new hairstyle on her Instagram page and hair stylists started copying it immediately. 

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Christine started creating the look on a girl with dark blonde hair. She colored each strand separately by hand using various shades such as mirage, butter cream, and Irish creme. The process lasted for two and a half hours but she said that it would probably take longer on a dark-haired customer.

Sand hair got its name because of its resemblance to sandy beaches so it’s no wonder it’s a perfect choice for the upcoming summer.