Short Gel Manicures Are All the Rage Right Now

Extra-long nails may look elegant on certain photos and videos on Instagram, but they are not at all practical for regular daily life. We know that the women around the world are turning to short nails and long-lasting gel manicures thanks to the report by PopSugar that shows that Pinterest searches for gel manicures on short nails are up at %230K on this popular platform.

We’re not saying that long nails are suddenly bad. The great thing is that you can choose the style you prefer without feeling the pressure to like something you actually don’t. The beauty of gel manicures is that they are long-lasting and don’t require any maintenance between the two visits to the salon. Short nails are great if you’re on your computer a lot or do something with your hands on a daily basis that would be more difficult with longer nails. It’s definitely the most convenient way to always have nice-looking nails and you’ll never realize that you forgot to paint them just before going out.

Scroll down to see some of the ideas for short gel manicures that we loved.

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My short little kawaii nails 🐳

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