Simple Chair Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

Chair exercises are such an easy and simple way to stay fit anywhere and at any time. The four below are our favorite.


Squats are so efficient! The come in many variations, one of which includes a chair. It will help you add some extra toughness to the workout and make it more challenging.

Chair Planks

If you hate regular planks you can try the other version. Planks can be chair exercises and you can do them without getting down on the ground. It will definitely be efficient, so don’t worry about it.

Fast Feet

You can do this one with the help of a chair. Start moving your feet as fast as possible for a minute. You’ll notice that this is a great cardio exercise which you can also try at home.

Leg Lifts

For the leg lifts you will need to sit somewhere near the edge of the chair and place your legs in a 90-degree position in the knees. While holding on to the armrest, start lifting them up. Make sure that the 90-degree angle is always there. The leg lifts are among the easiest chair exercises to do in your room.