Skin Care Tips to Follow During Your Next Workout

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Workouts can easily put a strain on your skin-care routine if you’re not taking the necessary steps to keep your complexion healthy and clean. Follow these tips if you’re looking for a way to leave the gym with a healthy glow, without any breakouts in sight.

Clean Equipment

Cleaning pieces of equipment with anti-bacterial wipes before using them is common courtesy, but it also helps you reduce the risk of transferring bacteria to your skin.

Face Touching

Using wipes isn’t enough to protect you from breakouts, and that’s why you should use a towel to get rid of your sweat instead of touching your face directly.

Makeup Free

Wearing makeup at the gym isn’t strictly forbidden, but it’s best avoided unless you want to risk having it clog your pores and lead to breakouts.

Gentle Cleanse

Skin tends to be very sensitive after a workout, and that’s why you should consider applying a soothing body oil after you’re done with your shower.

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Tea is typically consumed throughout the day as a beverage. Apart from this, tea also provides benefits for beauty. Here are the benefits you will get from washing your face with tea. 1. Eliminate Acne The anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory content in tea is able to eradicate stubborn acne on the face. In addition, tea can reduce the amount of sebum that clogs the pores and causes acne. Anti-inflammation in tea can also help relieve facial inflammation due to acne and provide a fresh and cool feeling on the face. 2. Reduce Blackheads The vitamin content in tea water can overcome blackheads or black spots in the nose little by little. 3. Brighten Your Face Tea contains vitamin E which is very beneficial for skin health. Even though the tea is stale, the content of vitamin E in it still remains. Moreover, vitamin C in tea is 500 times more than in lemon. Well, both of these vitamins can brighten skin tone. 4. Fade Baggy Eyes Baggy eyes are very disturbing appearance. However, you don’t need to worry because you can overcome this problem by washing your face using tea water or using it as a mask. 5. Tighten the Face In addition to brightening the face, vitamin E in tea water also serves to maintain skin elasticity. By using tea, the symptoms of premature aging on the face will diminish. 6. Overcome Redness Redness of the facial skin is caused by several factors such as scars, mosquito bites, or sunburn exposure. So, this tea water can help treat symptoms such as redness on the skin and reduce pain due to scratches. Credit: avoskinbeauty If dark spots are disturbing you, and there’s no time to prepare tea for washing the face every day, we recommend St. Herb Melanosome Nano Lightening Complex which helps reduce dark spots and promotes skin to be brighter and more radiant. #WashingFace #TeaWater #BenefitsOfTea #BeautifulSkin #FacialSkin

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