Spend as Much Time as You Can Outside This Summer, But Do It Safely

Photo by Madison Nickel on Unsplash

Summer is an amazing time to be outside. There is so much natural beauty to explore, whether it’s going on a hike or just visiting your local park.

If you haven’t always been a fan of the great outdoors, take this summer as an opportunity to try something new, but do it on the side of safety.

What Times to be Outside

As everyone knows, the sun is especially strong during the summer, so it can be a dangerous weapon during a time for fun.

Whenever you’re outside, it’s really important to protect your skin with hats and sunblock, as well as keeping in mind when the hottest times of day are. The best advice is to be outside in the morning and early evening when the sun is weakest to best protect yourself.


For people who don’t naturally love to be outside, try to do the things you would normally do outside but change your environment.

If you love practicing yoga before work, take your mat outside. If hosting dinner parties is your jam, bring the party to the backyard or a local greenspace and have it picnic style. Reading is another great way to get yourself outside and enjoying the summer air.