Stunning Viking Braids That Will Take Your Hairstyle to a New Level

The rumor is that Vikings often did their hair in very complicated, eye-catching braids. Ever since the series debuted on TV we can’t get over of how amazing the characters’ hairstyles are. To inspire your next big braiding session we wanted to deliver some jaw-dropping Viking braids that you can try to copy.


The whole point of these braids is that they are usually done on the sides. This is a whole new level of skills because it includes so many shapes and even overlapping braids. You can also add feathers to the look so that you can make it more impactful.


Do a voluminous mohawk braid in the middle, then accessorize it with numerous Viking braids on the sides. These cute accessories can also become a part of your fierce hairstyle.

Make It Simple

Not all ladies are ready to spend hours on their mane. This is a do everyone can recreate and it won’t take you more than 10 minutes. Do a deep side part and braid two braids on one side. Add rings and you’ll have the coolest hairstyle ever.

Mix Them

If you are not a big fan of side braids, you can opt for a crown. Do a large fishtail with several smaller ones around it.