Sweet Things to Do in a Long Distance Friendship

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

Whether you’ve moved away after college or your friend has just gotten a job transfer, long distance friendship is hard to handle. But, if you’re true friends, the distance doesn’t matter. If you’re in need of some creative ways to stay in touch, use these tips!


A fun and slightly old-fashioned way to keep in touch is by sending them postcards! This is great because then they can see an actual picture of where you’re living now, or if they moved away, a nice memory of their old home. Postcards can just be a few lines, but it’s a nice way to drop in.

Voice Messages

If you are both really busy people, a great way to catch up on a lot of things without spending an hour on the phone is to send voice messages. That way the other person can listen to them whenever they have time, and stop and pause it if they need to.

Video Chatting

Obviously, you can just use video chat to talk, but a cute thing to do is to actually do something together over video chat. Whether that is an exercise video, watching a movie, or a craft, it can be like you’re virtually hanging out!