Taking Style Inspo From Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie is a true style queen. If you want to dress more Margot, here are some of the signature styles she embraces.


Margot often keeps it classy with monochrome ensembles. They are usually bold and always sophisticated.

Boho Finishes

Margot often likes to make her style her own by adding a touch of boho. From ruffles or feathers to ’70s style bangs, Margo knows how to keep it subtly bohemian.

Beachy Blonde Waves

Margot Robbie never strays far from her signature blonde waves. On the red carpet, she wears her hair sleek but day to day, she embraces a beachier, bohemian vibe.

Backless Dresses

On the red carpet, Margot can often be seen wearing a silky backless dress.

Casual Tees

In her downtime, Margot is a lover of a casual tee with a statement label. She is also an advocate of the French tuck.