Tasty Snacks That Can Do Wonders For Your Immune System

If you’ve only stocked on chips and crackers while social distancing, taking some healthier snacks into consideration is a good idea. Here’s a couple that are equally as tasty, but also happen to be great for your immune system.


In addition to being a great immunity booster, studies have shown that walnuts can play a role in stress reduction, and we all need that at this point in time.

Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds should be one of your go-to quarantine snacks, since they can greatly improve your body’s immune function thanks to a high level of Vitamin E they contain.


Almonds are also a great source of Vitamin E, and they’ll do wonders for your immune system since they’re also rich in magnesium and fiber.


In addition to being one of the best probiotics out there, yogurt is also great for your immune system thanks to a high level of Vitamin A and zinc. Just make sure to check the labels, and go for plain yogurt that’s not loaded with sugar and artificial sweeteners.