The Bake Ninja Makes the Best Chocolate Strawberries You’ll Ever See

When you go by the name the Bake Ninja, people tend to expect big things from you, and the British baker under this Instagram certainly deliveres. Every pastry on their page is a true work of art, but none of them compares to the chocolate-covered strawberries.

This is one of those desserts you can’t possibly go wrong with, because it combines a delicious fruit with everyone’s favorite sweet treat. That’s probably part of the reason why thebakeninja became such a huge hit on Instagram and attracted over 38.000 followers so far.

There’s so much more to their signature strawberries than chocolate since each one is covered with different kinds of vibrant toppings. They’re also decorated with everything from sprinkles and nuts to pretzels and tiny cookies, which truly gives them a special charm.

Chocolate covered strawberries are only one on the long list of sweet treats that the Bake Ninja has in store. You can find all sorts of cupcakes, biscuits, cookies, and other pastries on the Instagram page of this East London-based baker, and they all look equally delicious.