The Cute Summer Shoes Urban Outfitters Have Us Pining After Right Now

Summer is here and the plain old flip-flop is over. It’s time to get creative with colors and style. And this is why we are pining after all the shoes in the Urban Outfitters summer collection.

Comfy Pastels

A squishy sandal is essential for beach days. And lilac is a pastel dream.

Vibrant Platforms

Feel taller with these chunky sunburst platforms. They are the color of sunshine. What’s not to love?

Mixing It Up

Mix it up with these thick-strapped patterned sandals in the colors of the ocean.

Doc Martin Sandals

Not a sandal girl? No worries. You can keep it practical with these awesome Doc Martin beach shoes.

Lime Green

Go bold or go home, right? These lime green sliders make a statement.