The Most Common Makeup Mistakes You Make During Summer

Photo by Matthew T Rader on Unsplash

Most of us would love to forget about makeup until the next fall, but work and other responsibilities often require us to look appropriate. If you have to wear makeup during summer, here are the most common mistakes to avoid.

Setting Powder

You may rely on setting powder to prevent your skin from looking shiny throughout the day, but during summer it’s best to forget about it. If you can’t stand the shininess of your face, use blotting papers instead.

Avoiding Sunscreen

Whether you wear makeup or not, never leave the house without an SPF cream on your face. Even if your foundation contains SPF, it’s a good idea to apply the sun protection cream before anything else.

Not Drinking Water

Staying hydrated is probably the best thing you can do during the summer. Among other benefits, proper hydration will make your skin look beautiful and radiant.