The Right Way to Layer Your Skincare Products

As you get more and more products into your skincare routine, you may find yourself lost about the order of applying them. Here are some general guidelines to help you out.

Start Light

Start with the most lightweight product — probably a serum — that your skin will absorb in no time.

Add an Antioxidant

If you’re using vitamin C or another antioxidant, add it now.

Take a Break

Your skin will take the most out of products if you allow it to absorb each of them for a minute or two. 


You need to seal those serums on your skin, and moisturizer is the way to do it. Even if you use nothing more, never skip a moisturizer.

Add an Oil

If there are any dry areas left now, apply a small amount of oil to them.


In the morning, never skip sunscreen. It should go on top of everything else you put on your face.