These 3 Fitness Trends are Booming in the Post-Lockdown World

Lockdowns and social distancing measures significantly changed the way we approach fitness in the last few months. Gyms are reopening again, but they no longer look the way we remember them, and these three new trends are here to stay.

Socially Distant Workouts

Traditional gyms had to adapt to new rules, so it’s highly likely you’ll end up working out with much smaller groups so there would be enough room for a safe distance. Some gyms are even coming up with creative ways to ensure social distance, and bubble yoga classes are becoming a huge hit.

Virtual Classes

Millions of people turned to home workouts during the lockdown, and ended up realizing they don’t need traditional gyms in the first place. Virtual classes experienced a huge boom, and many people will stick to them and cancel their gym memberships altogether.

Equipment-Free Workouts

Home workouts also made us realize we don’t need expensive gym machines to stay in great shape. Equipment-free workouts became a huge hit, but they’re also more practical right now since you won’t have to wipe up and disinfect your equipment after working out.