These Makeup Ideas will Make Your Summer Even Bubblier!

Summer is all about being bold, fun, and care-free. Changing up your makeup during the summer is a great way to get into the mood for adventures and memories, and for summer 2019, there are a ton of trends that you will love to try out.

Colorful Eyes

Nothing says summer like bold, bright eye color. Summer is all about being playful and wearing things that are only appropriate during the hot season, why not play up the brightness with your eye shadow? Go for bold colors like yellow, orange, or even purples and pinks to highlight your fun-loving side.


Most people try to achieve a perfectly sun-kissed look on their body, but whether that’s for you or not, it’s always fun to play with that style with your makeup! Bring gold and bronze tones into your cheeks, eyes, and even lip color this summer for a goddess look everyone will bow down to.


Between music festivals, weddings, and more, there’s no better time to pull out the glitter than during summer! Even if you don’t have a big event to go to, you don’t need a special occasion to rock glitter this summer.