These Were the Most-Shocking Celebrity Hair Colors of 2020

Every time we popped up on Instagram, celebrities seemed to be rocking a new hair color. Like us, they couldn’t go to salons during the pandemic, so they decided to express themselves by changing up their hair in fun, bright colors. These were our favorite celebrity hair colors of 2020.

Hilary Duff’s Blue Hair

Out of the blue, Hilary Duff dyed her hair bright blue and although the look only lasted about a month, before the Lizzie McGuire star went back to being blonde, we still couldn’t get enough of it.

Ruby Rose’s Pink and Blue Hair

The Orange is the New Black actress couldn’t decide on one bright color so she chose two. Along with the new look, Ruby Rose posted this caption on Instagram “What can I say!? Sometimes you just need to feel blue and other times you need pink to lighten your day.”

Halsey’s Rainbow Hair

This month Halsey decided to dye her hair all the colors of the rainbow in this look that is reminiscent of mermaid hair.

Lizzo’s Red Hair

“Y’all can’t handle red Lizzo,” the singer captioned the post debuting her red hair. She’s not the only celebrity to go red this year and she joins Taraji P. Henson, Bella Hadid, and Megan Thee Stallion.

Kaia Gerber’s Pink Hair

Instead of going for a complete pink look, the model chose a rose ombre for this “pink is punk” hair.