This DIY Room Divider Couldn’t be More Simple or Unique!

Being a plant parent these days is the new cat lady, but much more beautiful and useful for interior design. If you live in a studio or loft and you love plants, this DIY is for you.

When you live in one open space, it’s really important to create borders and separations between spaces to create the effect of a room. If you want to combine your love of plants with functionality, this is the DIY project you need.


  1. If you don’t have a clothing rack already, go ahead and buy one. You can usually find them used at a charity shop, or get one from a superstore. The best kind of rack is one that has a space for shoes at the bottom as it will give you even more space to work with.
  2. Once the rack is assembled, take a few hanging planters and put some plants in them that would do well hanging. Some plants to think about are snake plants, pothos plant, and more.
  3. When those plants are hung, if you do have a rack with a board for shoes at the bottom, fill that area with other plants and succulents to create a true plant sanctuary!
  4. Position the rack next to your bed to create a room separation, and you’re done!