This Hotel in London Takes Care of Your Plants While You Travel

Did you ever struggle to find someone who’s willing to take care of your plants while you’re away from home? Well, if you live in London, your worries are finally over since this city just became home to the world’s first plant hotel.

Patch Plant Hotel allows you to book a five-star stay for to all things botanical, free of charge! If you decide to book a spot for your plants at this botanicals-only hotel, they’ll be taken care of by a team of specialists, who will store them in a room with perfect sunlight and tend to all their needs while you enjoy your holiday.

Hotel manager Rose Grower discussed this unique idea with House Beautiful and described Patch Plant Hotel as a sanctuary for your beloved plants.

“They will be in great company and looked after with the respect and love they so richly deserve. So many of us have asked a friend or family member to water the plants when we’re away, only to return to disappointment – the hotel not only saves your plants, but your relationships too,” said Grower.