This is the True Meanings of Easter Egg Colors

Each year we celebrate Easter with the prettiest vibrant eggs in the cutest patterns ever. There was a time when women only used a single color to paint them, and all of the hues do have a special meaning.

Check out what these Easter egg colors signify and you can decide which are your favorite after knowing the basics.


Red is the synonymous color for Easter eggs. It represents the blood of Jesus Christ and is the one that has been used the most often. If you want to celebrate this holiday the proper way, you want to color at least several red eggs.


White is all about happiness! White is clean, pure, just like Jesus.


Green is the hue that portrays the resurrection of Jesus Christ. This is such a vibrant tone that you can really experiment with. Right after the holiday is over, priests start wearing green as a part of their attire. It symbolizes eternal living.


This is one of the most beautiful Easter egg colors. Purple has several meanings, one of which is suffering. This all comes from those 40 days that Jesus spent in the desert. The other two interesting meanings are spiritual wealth and power.