This is Why You Shouldn’t Follow Fashion Trends Blindly

Photo by Ksenia Varapaeva on Unsplash

Staying on top of the most popular fashion trends and following all the important fashion designers is always great if you’re interested in fashion and want to experiment with your style. However, many of us fall into a trap of becoming fashion victims by following every fashion trend religiously. This is why you shouldn’t follow all fashion trends.

Trends Don’t Last

Fashion trends come and go and who has the time (and money) to buy all those pieces religiously, especially if they’re going to be outdated in only a few months.

Trends Are Not For Everyone

You simply shouldn’t force a fashion trend if it doesn’t fit you or your personality. We’re all different and not everyone can wear neon colors, headbands or eccentric details, which is actually good if you think about it.

Be Unique

Isn’t it boring and kind of sad to let the industry dictate what suits you and what you should wear this season? The best thing about fashion is that you can create your own style that will make you stand out and be unique among all other people.


Let’s be honest and admit that following all trends blindly is not budget-friendly at all. Instead of spending all that money on clothes you don’t really need, you can save it for some other things, like an exotic vacation for example.