Three Reasons Why Soda and Workouts Don’t Go Together

Photo by Blake Wisz on Unsplash

Many people can’t imagine their life without carbonated drinks, but there are a time and place where you definitely shouldn’t drink them. No matter how delicious it may be, soda drinks don’t belong at the gym and here’s why you shouldn’t consume it before your workouts.


It’s pretty difficult to avoid bloating after consuming carbonated drinks, and you definitely don’t want to work out in this state. Bloating will hinder your performance by slowing you down and creating discomfort.

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Artificial Sweeteners

You don’t have to be an expert to know that soda has extremely high sugar content. You may feel the rush of energy at first, but you’ll end up feeling weak, tired and dehydrated once it fades away.

Many brands of soda happen to contain artificial sweeteners, and that’s part of the reason why you should avoid them in and out of gym.


In addition to leading to bloating, drinking soda can also cause stomach cramps. Dealing with abdominal pain and gas during your workout won’t do you any good, so try to skip soda and look for healthier alternatives.