Tired of Your Wardrobe? Start Layering Your Clothes!

Image via jagta8/Instagram

There’s no way around being tired of your clothes. After a while, it’s bound to happen, but that doesn’t mean you have to run out and buy yourself a whole new wardrobe! Instead, start layering your clothes and transform your style into something totally new.


Layering a cardigan over a bottom down shirt is actually pretty bold, but if you wear it with confidence you can make it work! If your office or classroom is especially cold but you don’t want to compromise your style, this is the perfect look for you.


Layering a tank top or crop top over a shirt is something that has definitely been brought back from the late 90’s early 2000’s and it works! This is a perfect gateway into layering because it’s so easy to match shirts with tank tops. You can totally go crazy with prints and patterns if you want to be really bold, or keep it simple with plain colors for an understated look.

The Baggy Look

This look is perfect for anyone who wants to be comfortable but also wants to give off a vibe that tells people you don’t care about their opinion. Pair a long skirt or flowey pants with an oversize jacket and shirt and you’re set!