Top 5 Dance Cardio Channels to Inspire Your Next Home Workout

The most difficult part of working out at home is finding a routine that suits you. If you’re struggling with motivation, a dance cardio workout may be the perfect fit for you and these five channels will provide you with all the fitness inspiration you need.


Maddie Lymburner’s channel is YouTube’s no. 1 source of dance cardio workouts, and she’s constantly sharing full-body and equipment-free workouts to the biggest pop hits.

The Fitness Marshal

This YouTube channel is also filled with workout videos to popular songs. The Fitness Marshal’s clips are extremely energetic and his motivational instructions will make it easier to finish each workout.


Emily Thorne is the mastermind behind one of YouTube’s most offbeat workout channels, which mostly features dance cardio videos to the beat of the songs from our favorite musicals.

Kyra Pro

This YouTube channel has a similar approach to working out as the previous one. It’s mostly filled with musical-inspired workouts, but pop music-themed clips are also available.

Teagan Dixon

Disney fans have to check out Dixon’s channel because she has a background as a professional dancer at Disney Parks, and most of her videos are inspired by our favorite animated classics.