Trendy Candles That You Need to Welcome Into Your Home ASAP

Twisted Candles
Image by lucaph/Depositphotos

Scented candles have the power to give your home a cozy aura, and some people enjoy having them in every room. If you happen to be one of them, here are a couple of trendy candle designs that you can use to light up your world.

Bubble Candles

One of the trendiest candles that we’ve been seeing everywhere this year is super easy to recreate if you manage to find silicon molds with bubbly shapes.

Shell Candles

If you want your home decor to have a summertime vibe, adorable candles shaped like seashells are your best bet.

Twisted Candles

Curvy decor pieces have experienced a huge rise in popularity this year. Twisted candles are especially popular, and they have incredible DIY potential.

Yin Yang Candles

Many of the candle trends on this list became super chic thanks to TikTok. That’s also the case with yin yang candles that started appearing everywhere after initially going viral on this social media platform.

Body Candles

Home decor pieces that celebrate the human form have been pretty popular this year, and it’s possible to use silicone molds to make candles shaped like female form, ancient sculptures, or little angels.