3 Quirky Cafés You Must Visit in Tokyo

Tokyo is a home to dozens tourist attractions that can’t be seen anywhere else in the world – including several pretty unusual cafés and restaurants. If you’re always up for a new culinary adventure, here are three quirky establishments you should visit in the Japanese capital.

Alice in a Labyrinth

If you’ve ever fantasized about dining in the strange world of Lewis Carroll, this is a place to do it. Everything from interior design to the food on the menu is a reference to his most popular novel in Alice in Wonderland, and it will make you feel like you went down the rabbit hole.

Vampire Café

If you’re in the mood to explore Tokyo’s dark side, Vampire Café is just the place. This Gothic establishment looks like the inside of Dracula’s home, and all the dishes are carefully crafted to give subtle nod to blood-hungry creatures of the night.

Kawaii Monster Café

If Vampire Café isn’t your thing, because you enjoy colorful, flashy and playful places, we’ve got you covered. Kawaii Monster Café feels like rainbow-tinted dream, and you won’t be able to resist the delicious treats on their menu.