Use This Trick for a Longer-lasting Hairstyle

We all know how hard it can be to ensure that our hairstyle lasts all evening when we go to a wedding or some other important event.

Hairstylist Paul Edmonds sure knows how to make a hairstyle last for a long time, as he’s worked with many celebrities over the years on creating their perfect red carpet look.

“The most difficult thing about styling hair for the red carpet is the amount of time before the event you have to create the styles. I normally end up doing the hair hours before the red carpet, before dressing and make-up,” says Edmonds.

According to Edmonds, using gallons of hairspray won’t do you any favors and it can only make your hair look crispy. Instead, he spends some time on prepping the hair.

“Rather than saturating the hair with hairspray at the end, which may actually weigh the style down, I use a combination of mousse or gel and setting spray as a first step.”

Edmonds also advises on using dry shampoo for giving the hair more texture. Only when you prep your hair like this, are you ready to start creating your up-do.