Vase Trends from Primark Home That You Need to Try ASAP

If your home always has to be filled with fresh flowers, vases are probably one of your favorite home décor pieces. It’s always fun to welcome a new one into your home, and if you’re in the mood to embrace some of the biggest vase trends right now, head to Primark Home’s Instagram for some inspiration.

Face Vases

Face vases made a major comeback last year, and they’re going stronger than ever right now. Vases with decorative face details will add an element of artistic flair to your flower arrangement and make them really pop.

Female Form Vases

Home décor pieces shaped like the human body, especially candles, are all the rage right now, and it’s finally time for vases to have their time in the spotlight.

Hole Vases

Ceramic vases with a hole in the middle are incredibly stylish these days. They may not look practical at the first glance, but it all comes down to picking the right type of flowers and positioning them perfectly.

Glass Vases

Glass vases are a timeless classic, and they’re going stronger than ever right now. They can be completely transparent, but you can make them even more stylish by opting for vases with some tiny details.