Washing Makeup Brushes Has Never Been Easier

There isn’t a single lady out there who does not love using makeup. But a majority of us seem to be making the same mistake. Not washing your makeup brushes often might be the reason for your breakouts. If you have no idea how to do it right or how often to do it, we bring you the best tips ever.

How Often?

In the best case scenario, you should be washing the makeup brushes after every use. If that’s not an option you should do it once a week. That way you’ll make sure you’re not transferring bacteria on the skin.

How to Wash Makeup Brushes

The process is very simple and will only take minutes. There are many liquids specifically made for brushes, but you can use a gentle soap that you like. Get a bowl and fill it with warm water. Add some soap to it and wet the brush inside.

Wash the brush several times after soaking it with the soap mixture. It’s a good idea to let it soak for a while if you have the time. Take it out of the bowl and rinse it with warm water. Let it dry on the side.