Would You Wear Sunglasses from Matrix? What If We Told You They Are the Hottest Spring 2018 Trend?

Image by @the_style_republic / Instagram

When The Matrix first came out in 1999, nobody could guess that the famous glasses worn by Keanu Reeves and the rest of the cast would make a hot trend nearly 20 years later. Leather trench coats were something else, we could easily see that happening, but the glasses? Well, they are here.

It all started last summer when stars like Kendal Jenner started the trend on Instagram. It didn’t take much for the social network to become flooded with tiny sunglasses and the craze will continue as soon as the sun starts to shine again.


Kendall + Kylie brand was among the first ones to offer them, followed by other high-end brands, such as Balenciaga. Truth be told, they are not too great in blocking UV rays, but they do look super cool.


Are we all headed towards the sci-fi inspired fashion? Time will tell. In the meantime, see how to wear these sunglasses in the pictures above.