Weirdest Foods From Around the World

Tasting different kinds of food is the best thing about traveling to a foreign country. But would you really try every traditional meal that local people have to recommend to you?

Here are some bizarre foods from all around the globe that even the bravest among us wouldn’t have the stomach to try.

Fried Spider, Cambodia

We know that people eat all kinds of bugs around the world, still, we can’t help but be surprised every time we hear about these specialties. Fried spiders, most often tarantulas, are a specialty in the town of Skuon, in Cambodia. Spiders are deep fried in garlic oil and are said to be fill of protein.

Balut, The Philippines

Balut is common street food in the Philippines. Believe it or not, this is a developing bird embryo, most often duck, that is boiled alive in the shell. It’s usually served with chili, garlic and vinegar.

Tuna eyeballs, Japan

Tuna is popular all around the world and it’s a must-eat when in Japan. But what about tuna eyeballs? Just like any other fish, tuna eyeballs are rich in omega 3. So if you care about it, and aren’t scared of these creepy eyes looking at you, give it a try.