What Are Occasional Chairs and Why Do You Need One

Do you have an occasional chair in your home? As you may guess from its name, we’re talking about a chair that’s used occasionally, when you need an additional seat. At other times, it has a purely decorative purpose which is why you want to pick a chair that looks amazing.

Occasional chairs, or accent chairs as some call them, can look almost as art when chosen right. A good chair that stands out from your interior can transform the room completely, giving you that effortless chic interior look you want. 

To make things interesting, try to find an old chair to refurbish instead of buying one in the store. The key is to find a chair that doesn’t really match the other furniture you have. It should be special enough to stand out instead of blending in with the rest of the room.

Below are some photos to inspire you to find your perfect occasional chair.