White Dish Towels are Stylish and more Practical Than you Might Think

If you ask most people that the most impractical color is in terms of materials and fabric, most will say white. It’s easy to think that owning anything white is just an easy way to having a stained, dirty looking fabric in practically no time. But, owning white items, especially dish towels, can be one of the smartest moves you can make in your design scheme.

Most people have been through the mess that red wine, sticky items, or worse can cause for your dish towels. And after just a few days, you’ll probably notice that your kitchen towels might have spots and stains that just won’t come out in the wash.

Instead of spraying each stain individually and trying, and most likely failing, to get it out, just have white towels! With white towels, you can bleach them all together and then wash them so they look like new.

Not only are white towels actually easier to maintain, and look better for longer, they make your kitchen look a lot cleaner and more uniform. Having all white towels will also brighten up the space and introduce a neutral element so your other items and fixtures can pop a bit more.

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