Why an Undercut May Be Perfect for Your Long Hair

Photo by Michael Starkie on Unsplash

Hair is such an important thing. Choosing how to wear your hair is so personal, and your choice may be influenced by numerous factors. If you have long and thick hair then you can play around with different options, and a style that may be a great choice is to have an undercut, where the underneath section of your hair just above the back of the neck is cut super short or even shaved. While this may sound extreme, it’s really easy to style and can have lots of benefits. Here’s why it might be a great choice for you. 

Creates a Super Cool Look

If you’ve often wanted to try something a bit different, but are concerned about trying anything too drastic, then an undercut is ideal. A lot of the time people may not even notice it if your hair is down, but when you choose to show it off then it’s a very trendy look and will leave you feeling cool and confident. 

Makes Thick Hair Easier to Manage

Having long, thick hair can be lovely, but it can also take a lot of effort to keep it neat and tidy. Having an undercut means less hair, and also some space around your neck which is so often where long hair gets the most tangled. 

Keeps Your Neck Cool in Summer 

As well as being a struggle to look after, long hair can be a nightmare in summer when it’s hot and sweaty outside. Having some space around your neck will help keep you much cooler.