Wrap Yourself Up Like A Burrito With This Blanket

Taking a nap never looked so appealing and comfortable, now that we know we can wrap ourselves up inside this amazing burrito blanket.

Fans of Mexican food and, of course, of cozy afternoon naps, will be happy with this new product that’s taking over the world.

A month ago, a Reddit user named Kotaay shared a photo of a cute blanket that looks like a real burrito.

The Reddit community thought it was just another joke, but once it turned out it was real, everyone went crazy over it.

The blanket became a sensation on the Internet and now people around the world want to become a human burrito.

The blanket was apparently available on Amazon, but was sold out in record time. Those who had the chance to try it, described the blanket as “large and comfortable” and “awesome”.

There are also special blankets made for babies that come with adorable matching caps.